Aransas Project creates board of advisors

Dec 23, 2010 | Victoria Advocate by Dianna Wray | TAP In The News

The Aransas Project has formed a board of advisors comprised of seven leaders of the Texas Coastal community.

“We wanted to create an organization like this board as a way to tap into the community energy that we have around this project,” Aransas Project Regional Director Ron Outen said.

Formed in 2009 to advocate to ensure freshwater flow to the area’s bays and estuaries, the organization is still relatively new.

The Aransas Project filed a federal lawsuit in March against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality officials in their official capacities for illegal harm and harassment of whooping cranes at and adjacent to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in violation of the Endangered Species Act.

The board of advisors members were recruited by Outen. All have some ties to the area.

V.W. Brinkerhoff lives in Rockport. Art Dohmann grew up on a ranch in Goliad. James Fox was born in raised in Rockport and has been a longtime hunter and fisher in the area. Jane Guinn has lived in South Texas for 37 years. Al Johnson was born and raised in Rockport.  Pat Moore lives Rockport and Betty Stiles has been involved in the Aransas Project since its inception.

Outen said the board is still in the beginning stages so the roles and duties of the board members haven’t been determined yet.

“All of them have different experiences and areas of expertise that will make their voices valuable and they are all deeply committed to the bays,” Outen said.

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