NRC holds Information Session on Nuclear Power Plant

Apr 23, 2010 | KAVU Victoria by Stephanie Kusy | Related Press

Exelon’s push for a nuclear power plant in victoria left some residents with mixed opinions Thursday when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission held an information session to explain the process to residents.

The electricity company filed for an early site permit in March.  It takes about 2 1/2 years for the NRC to approve or deny an early site permit. The NRC has not yet accepted the permit application Exelon has given them.

While city officials like Mayor Armstrong and Judge Pozzi agreed the plant would boost the economy, residents still had a lot to say.

“If this plant site is built here, the remains and the effects will be here for thousands of years,” said resident Michael Huber.

Huber lives near 77 South — an area where Exelon has designated as a site for a nuclear power plant if the NRC approves their early site permit.

Exelon will know if the application is approved by mid-May. Then the NRC will begin a process costing Exelon millions of dollars to determine whether the location is safe for people and the environment.

“If the permits approved, Exelon would then decide whether to build a nuclear plant,” said Craig Nesbit, vice president of Exelon communications. “The decision would be made after it’s approved.”

Nesbit said the plant could bring 5,000 construction jobs for up to eight years. He said nearly a 1,000 would be high paying permanent jobs.

If Exelon receives the early site permit, the company will have three to 20 years to decide whether to build a plant in Victoria county.

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