Implementing the GBRA-TAP Agreement

Mar 29, 2018 |

In 2016, the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) and The Aransas Project (TAP) reached agreement to work together on habitat and inflow issues surrounding San Antonio Bay and the endangered whooping crane.  This agreement was forged out of hard fought litigation over water for San Antonio Bay and the endangered whooping crane flock and sets out a vision of working with each other and other interested parties to find a pathway to shared success.

During 2017, under a grant from Mitchell Foundation, GBRA and TAP worked with a consulting firm, Ross Strategic, to flesh out key concepts and tasks for moving forward to implement the promise of the agreement.  To this end, Ross Strategic interviewed numerous stakeholders and met several times with GBRA and TAP representatives to offer various ideas about what research and action areas might be pursued. Out of this process, four key concepts emerged that will form the foundation for work under the GBRA-TAP agreement.  The four areas are (1) whooping crane habitat expansion, (2) realizing the potential of the Guadalupe delta, (3) ensuring sufficient fresh water inflows to maintain a refugium area in San Antonio Bay during drought conditions and (4) working with landowners within the watershed to establish a market for buying and selling ecosystem services that would, among other things, augment base flows in the Guadalupe and San Antonio River systems.

Read the full report here.